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EAM3000 Compact handle fitting machine for plastic handles

EAM3000 plastic automationThe bucket handle fitting machine will be placed next to the injection molding machine that produces the buckets. The buckets are linear transported one by one trough the machine. First the bucket is centered and oriented, then at the same position the bucket is provided with a plastic handle. Next, the bucket is automatically stacked. The piles are then exported to a roller conveyor. The plastic handles are manually placed in a buffer. The machine is symmetrical and can therefore be used on both sides of the injection molding machine (swivel arm for touch screen is optional available for this purpose).
Flat handles
Our patented handle separation technique is used for the processing of flat handles. This handle unit consists of a handle buffer and elevating unit, a handle separator and handle orientation. First of all, the handles are singulated. After this the position of the knob is determined and, if necessary, the handle will be turned for the correct orientation. A mounting unit mounts the handle to the bucket.

Pre-formed handles
The pre-formed handles are placed manually or with a robot in a handle buffer. Possibly trough a chute to place the handles faster (depending on handle type). A mounting unit mounts the handle to the bucket.

  • suitable for all types of buckets
  • suitable for flat or T-shaped handles
  • practically insensitive to curved handles
  • linear bucket transport
  • easy adjustment
  • modular machine construction
  • bucket type 0,5 liters to 30 liters
  • capacity up to 900 buckets per hour




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